FoodWorks Incubator at HATC

So you have this idea, but wonder if you can turn it into a business venture. If it involves food, you just may have come to the right place. The Food Works at HATC was originated to help food-based entrepreneurs bring their product to market. The Food Works is a regional kitchen incubator and is here to support your food based business in Michigan.  We can provide the tools to go from concept to small scale production and beyond.

Commercial Kitchen

The FoodWorks Kitchen Incubator has a fully functioning and licensed restaurant/commercial kitchen that has been approved by the Michigan Dept. of Agriculture. The kitchen also has a packaging room designed to bring your product to market.

Locally Grown Food, Local Products

People are looking for locally produced foods. They are looking for unique products. They are looking for a personal connection to the food they eat. Look to our Food Directory database for a list of regional food producers including farms, orchards, and farm markets. The Local Stores tab lists local retail establishments that have historically taken inventory from local food entrepreneurs.

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